Neighborhood Invites

September 12, 2012

Print on 8.5 x 11″ cardstock perforated into 4 sections (or cut):


2012/2013 Season

July 30, 2012

First/registration day is Saturday, September 15, 2012!

See you then.

Lesson: The Godless

April 30, 2012

for Saturday 5 May 2012

Topic: The Way of the Wise, Lesson 8: “Fools: The Godless”

Teaching: Janice, Kathryn

Helping: Rachel

Driving: (both times) Jennifer


  • Paul will be away for the weekend … I’ll phone Mr J and ask him to open the church for you at 9:30

Lesson: The Rebel

April 23, 2012

for Saturday 28 April 2012

Topic: The Way of the Wise, Lesson 7: “Fools: The Rebel” (Hophni & Phinehas, and Absalom)

Teaching: Paul, Alyssa

Helping: Julie & Carolyn, Ally

Driving: (both times) Cheryl/Adam

Extra Supplies:

  • coloring sheet(s) (Paul)
  • sandwich (please not peanut butter re allergy!) and bags (Alyssa)
  • fruit (Monique)

Lesson: The Mocker

April 16, 2012

for Saturday 21 April 2012

Topic: The Way of the Wise, Lesson 6: “Fools: The Mocker”

Teaching: Paul, Kathryn

Helping: Maria, Josh

Driving: 10am: Tyler; 12pm: Nora

Extra Supplies:

  • PJ: coloring sheet
  • other supplies for activities (see p. 50)

for Saturday, April 14, 2012

Topic (Grade 2 and older): The Way of the Wise, Lesson 5: “A Call Away from Foolishness”

Topic (Grade 1 and younger): Genesis chapter 4 (use NIRV text and discuss)

Teaching: Lorene, Josie

Helping: Daniel

Driving: (both times) Aren


  • PJ will not be here today — at cadets kub kar race — will ask Bill J to open church at 9:30
  • Please give black hairband to Lolo — it is in the green bin, at the top
  • Monique is probably going to bring cookies
  • There is only one helper (Daniel) scheduled. If somebody is able to find another helper, that would be great — although, there may not be as many kids this day
  • Note: fellowship hall will be set up for a wedding — please keep kids in catechism room/ little lambs / back hallway
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